This is the mass Proenzi ArthroStop walking competition in Kaunas!
This is the mass Proenzi ArthroStop walking competition in Kaunas. With this initiative we are trying to promote physical activity in society (at least 15 minutes of daily movement). Participation is free.

Trade your steps to our prizes!

Track map:

A little bit about this event:
Proenzi ArthroStop mass Walking competition in Kaunas will start on June 3rd, 12 AM.

The competition will be open for all: there will be no age control.

Because of the fact that there will be no age control, there will be 3 parts of the track: 5 thousand steps, 10 thousand steps and 15 thousand steps.

The event will be absolutely free.

We are trying to promote the movement with the whole family and other relatives. This is the reason why there will be constructed children’s playgrounds where professional trainers will play and make some fun with your kids.

There will be specially created mobile application for the event. By using this application you will be able to count your steps. Also it will help you to focus on the track, because the app will show you all the map.

On June 1st and 2nd (Thursday and Friday), our volunteers will be waiting for you in Kaunas, “Sveikatinė” shop in the Shopping and Leisure Centre MEGA, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

You will receive your participant’s package by simply telling your name and surname to the volunteers. Feel free to take the packages of your friends, family or colleagues, if they are unable to do so themselves. If you want to receive a number with your name on it, hurry up and register until the 28th of May!

The information is constantly updated. Follow us and share with your friends!

Children will have lots of fun in “Sveikatine” 5 000 Steps Family Zone. They will have lots of fun in climbing a special wall (with the 2.5 meter height making it safe). Climbing is a natural activity for children, which strengthens the body and intellect, while also teaching the importance of following one’s goals. The little ones will be taken care of by a team of specialists from the climbing center “Miegantys drambliai”.

You will also be greeted by “Girstutis” sports complex alongside the swimming club “Olympia”. Kids will be invited to climb and jump on the “Spongebob” trampoline and get introduced to swimming. “Girstutis” sports xomplex will tell you all about their “Sea Lions” day camp, while the swimming club “Olympia” will offer to join their hourly summer camps, where children not only learn how to swim, but also gain understanding about safety in the water.